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Phase Motion Control S.p.a. in Chicago

​Phase Motion Control S.p.a. 

Phase Motion Control S.p.a. specialises in innovative motion control components and solutions, both electronic and electromechanical, reciprocally optimised to move forward the boundary of achievable performance in automation.

The Company was started in 1985 as the motion control division of Phase S.r.l., from which it separated in 1994.

The operations are, from the beginning, focused in two main sectors: ideation, design, simulation, prototyping, and industrialisation of specialty motors and motion control actuators optimised for electronic control and integrated into the actuated mechanical system; innovative power electronic drives, in which original topologic solutions and algorithms are used to optimise the energy flow and maximise system performance, minimising line harmonics and optimising EMC performance.

The Company is active in the field of sintered, rare earth permanent magnet technology. The design activity generated a number of international patents, from special motor or thruster design for the control of large structures, to motor assembly techniques, to control algorithms for PWM AC-AC converters.

The Company performs all stages of the product design cycle, from conception through validation with CAD and FEA tools, to component and subsystem design and specification, down to the definition of tools, jigs and production cycles.

The product offering is divided in two main branches: Standard products for automation: brushless rotary and linear motors, linear actuators, ring torque motors;Custom and semicustom specialty products: dedicated solution for textile (multispindle), instrumentation large direct drive) avionics, etc.

Phase Motion Control S.p.a. 
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